Semi-naked super-bike-stars of Edinburgh

Wow, what a thrill – incredible.

Well we all knew there was a chance we’d get the badge for the coldest World Naked Bike Ride event this but with all the glorious weather in the week leading up to Edinburgh’s ride on Saturday we were almost fooled to think the weather was going to be with us.

Well, at least it didn’t rain.

Getting the message across
Getting the message across

But there was quite a chill in the air and the die hard among us did not get phased. The message about the ride – to protest against car culture and highlight the vulnerability of cyclists on the road – had been spread far and wide and 100s if not 1000s of people certainly knew about it but we did wonder if anyone would turn up on what would be deemed a cold winters day in some countries. But no this is June and this is Edinburgh and for those of us that live here our 10°C (50°F) came as no surprise.

Helping each other get ready – in solidarity



What does one do when one’s parents turn up unexpectedly? I was proud to have mine join me. Go Mum, Go Dad, if you can do it anyone can…

We met at the Meadows –  infamous for being one of Edinburgh’s premiers green spaces on a beautiful sunny day – the park was empty. But our small band of soon to be mostly naked (genitalia covered due to difficult and archaic legal issues in Scotland not familiar to other parts of the world) began to build. Who strips down first is always an interesting question but when a rider turns up already to go it is essential to strip down immediately in support. Before you knew it we were looking naked and cold but with all the excitement it didn’t really matter. We were happy, we were united, we were about to make a bold statement in Edinburgh.

After a good while getting our selves adorned with body paint – artistic flowers, protest slogans – we got going. Our route had been carefully designed to make sure we’d take in many of Edinburgh’s major sites and maximise our visibility and the impact of our message. Many of use ride in big groups around the city centre to promote cycling as an alternative means of transport with Critical Mass in Ednburgh every month and we normally get a lot of attention, especially since we have several sound-systems and we assert ourselves as peacefully as possible on the road where we have as much rights to be as cars.

11011959_10206067606236635_3718324615816082470_n 10846423_10153468906017754_6483310887811485236_n

Certainly no typical day on the Royal Mile – tweets a plenty from those around Edinburgh

But we don’t normally get attention like we did on Saturday – beautiful. The ride took about an hour but with all the excitement it seemed to go much quicker. Particular favourite moments were heading up the Royal Mile where everyone and his/her dog seemeed to have some electronic device pointing at us to capture a not so ordinary day on the Royal Mile (here’s a short video that has since surfaced). But Princes Street was pretty fab too. But wherever we went we got attention – happy hoots from bewildered motorists, cheers from on lookers – some of us were even lucky enough to have some fun interaction with the public (personally I welcomed a wee bum squeeze from a passing member of the public).

And then before we knew it we were back in the Meadows – and the realisation of just how cold it was dawned on us. A few cheers and gratitude to those that orgainsed and led the ride, as well as for the support of each other throughout the ride, and then a quick group photo shoot, and then of course there is nothing like a group hug to warm the spirits.

18625800070_ae0e70b46b_z 18808462512_a9aa186eb1_z

Not the warmest but certainly the most fun – and the hottest…oh yeah…few pictures of the day below but more can be found here.

Who is going to say no to a bunch of semi-nude cyclists going round a roundabout a few times
Yes, and a good day to you Sir…




Well there was certainly lots of horning going on…must be because everyone loves bikes
start of our ride
Critical Mass is a monthly ride that meets outside the Scottish National Gallery at 5.30pm to ride at 6pm the last Friday of every month – everyone is welcome

So what next – this was not a one off event – most of us cycle every day and we are not happy with the way cars dominate our cities and we have to make ourselves vocal about this. So let’s keep getting out on the bikes day-to-day but also let’s remain connected via our cycle activism and take the time to cycle in large groups. Many of us who organised the World Naked Bike Ride in Edinburgh participate in Critical Mass which happens every last Friday of the month in Edinburgh (next ride on the 26th June). Critical Mass is an international cycling movement is at heart a bike celebration but also attempts to reclaim the roads by riding in a large group to make cycling more visible (FAQs about Critical Mass). Come and join us and be amazed.

download (11)
#freethenipple campaign

And for those interested in promoting better attitudes towards out bodies there is the #freethenipple campaign (psst…we did quite well with nipples equality on our ride), which is about obtaining equality with regard to toplessness, and there is international topless day on the 23rd August.

Let’s make change happen in our hearts and souls and then soon we’ll it before our very eyes…thank you for your support…


Edinburgh is hotting up for the World Naked Bike Ride

Edinburgh is hotting up for the World Naked Bike Ride this Saturday 13th June.

14428876535_a3e25d6f55_mPersonally I can’t wait, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. Over the last month we have seen so much energy building for the ride. We have received some delightful media coverage bringing attention to our cause of protesting our oil dependency concerns and raising awareness of cycling as a sustainable means of transport. Our Facebook event now has well over 100 people registered to attend and the numbers just keep climbing each day.

Is Edinburgh ready for this, are you ready? Well we/they are going to have to be as the time for action, the time for protest, is quite simply now – so let’s take to the streets this Saturday and show people what we are really made of – skin and bones mostly – and we want to have fun in our protest, and generally feel safe on the road whenever we ride.

Mid-Meadow Walk for the strip down and body painting

We’ll be meeting at Mid-Meadows Walk at 2pm where we will strip down “as bare as we dare” (official dress code is that genitalia should be covered but that is the “minimum”), paint our bodies and set off for what will be a spectacular ride. We are using the same route as last year – which takes us past many of Edinburgh’s major sites and so it is very likely we’ll get a fair bit of attention. Added to this we’ve also got possibly two sound-systems so that people will at least, should they not see us first, hear us approaching (we’re taking music suggestions).

The ride will take probably about an hour but we’ll finish where we started in the Meadows and perhaps there we will bask in our new found freedom with the sun on our bodies (we can at least hope). There are no official post-ride plans but I’m pretty sure some spontaneous magic is bound to happen and we’ll do something together.

Route Map
The ride route – same as last year taking us past many of Edinburgh’s major sites

14427315184_9b3f141fd5_zSo all there is to do now is try on that costume a few more times before the weekend, jumping excitedly around of course, and making sure we tell as many people as possible about the ride. Some of us will probably be handing out flyers in the week and you may spot some chalk on the pavements promoting the ride. Let’s have a final push – the more of us we get out there the bigger the statement – we want a cycle-safe city. A city not dominated by cars. A more friendly peaceful city.

See you Saturday…

World Naked Bike Ride – The Documentary. Film screening at ACE

In conjunction with our good friends Critical Mass and the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh we are screening the World Naked Bike Ride Documentary. This will take place THIS FRIDAY 29TH after the Critical Mass ride at 8.30pm at ACE (17 West Montgomery Place, Edinburgh EH7 5HA). All very welcome.Image result for world naked bike ride documentaryThe documentary is based on an early World Naked Bike Ride experiences hosted in London and is sure to be an inspiration to our ride on the 13th June. It is narrated by John Snow and is only about 30 minutes. It is free to watch from here if you want to watch it independently but it will be good to watch it together.

In 4 weeks Edinburgh cyclists will take to the streets in the buff

There is much to be excited about with Edinburgh’s World Naked Bike Ride just around the corner. Thanks to a great blog post from our friends at Critical Mass Edinburgh the ride on the 13th June has begun to attract some attention around Edinburgh. Plus with a few of us heading to the weekly naturist swim at Arlington baths to promote the ride it seems there might be quite a few of us braving the streets. Look out Edinburgh, the naked cyclists are coming!


14242219659_f9ca8bd98d_mAnd not only do we intend to have a lot of fun we’re also be making important statements about the vulnerability of cyclists on the road and the dominance of car culture.

WNBR photo
Burning fat and NOT oil in a monkey pouch

Personally my imagination has been running wild as to my costume and the slogans I want to have painted all over my body. Last year I went for a very minimal monkey posing pouch and a “burn fat not oil” slogan. I’d love to do that again but what about all the other possibilities…the mind-boggles!

14430733825_77fc070d7f_qThe official dress code is that genitalia should be covered, to avoid scaring small children and horses, apart from that, we should go wild. And I keep telling myself that this is probably a good thing as otherwise I’d have to dig very deep to go naked in public – but I can’t say I’m not conflicted.

4694016612_a047a6db91_qThe plan is to meet at Mid-Meadows Walk at about 2pm and where we will hopefully feel confident together and be ready to plunge into a cycle ride with a difference. We’ll apply as much body paint as we can (don’t forget to bring some) and then we get riding. I think we’ll be doing the same ride as last year but this is still to be confirmed so watch this space. Until then keep letting those imaginations run wild…and keep sharing the event pages and/or follow us on twitter.

Critical Mass Edinburgh – riding every last Friday of the month. Meet outside Scottish National Gallery from 5.30pm

Oh yes and don’t forget Critical Mass rides every month with the next ride in Edinburgh on the 29th May (always a fully clothed ride). They meet at 5.30pm outside the Scottish National Gallery at the bottom of the Mound. If you miss this first meet-point catch then at 7pm on Mid-Meadow Walk.

World Naked Bike Ride in Edinburgh – 13th June

Edinburgh Critical Mass

_IGP1448 This will be a ride up the Royal Mile with a difference…;)

It’s getting warmer – its defnitely time for us cyclists around Edinburgh to start shedding some clothes…how far will we, can we, go?

What is World Naked Bike Ride all about?

Every year, in cities around the world, people ride bikes naked to celebrate cycling and the human body.

The ride demonstrates the vulnerability of cyclists on the road and is a protest against car culture.

Last year we saw a joint Edinburgh & Glasgow World Naked Bike Ride – it was the first in three years and we had so much fun (see exaclty how much fun here) that it only seems proper to do it again. We want to make this year bigger and better so please join us and share the details of the ride far and wide.

“Now do you see?” – Erm…

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Join the 2014 Ride

After a few years break, it’s back for 2014: World Naked Bike Ride, Edinburgh!

Join us as we

  • Protest against oil dependency,
  • Raise awareness of the rights of cyclists as road users,
  • Demand a better riding environment for city cyclists

…and take to the streets of Edinburgh in the June sunshine!

Bring bodypaint, nipple tassles, tutus, flags, hats… but most importantly an open mind! Wear as little as you dare and are comfortable with…

* For legal reasons the official dress code is that genitalia should be covered as well as nipples, to avoid scaring small children and horses, apart from that, go wild.

Full Ride Info

Facebook Event
Facebook Group